Frequently Asked Questions - And Our Answers.

Heads up! Our FAQ section is under development. Soon we will provide your more detailed descriptions and important links.

This is by far the most asked question. As we are working on this project in our free time, we cannot measure the time we have to finish or begin different simulations. It's done when it's done!

You can play the demo version for free to test out several graphical settings. To operate the ride and take control over everything, you need to buy a license key.

As we keep investing in this project more and more and the simulations continue to get a larger feature set, we cannot offer full versions for free anymore.

Selecting the next ride for a simulation depends on much more things than you might think. Each case must be evaluated individually, so please write us a message!

Just take a look at the "Our Work" page to find out everything about our current projects and our plans. In addition, we keep you informed about upcoming rides via our social media channels.

You can find the most important features listed in our "Downloads" section to each ride. A detailed description of every feature is following soon!

Always check out our website, our Facebook page and our YouTube channel.

We are 4 guys working on 3D, 2D and coding stuff.

We are working with SketchUp, Blender, Photoshop and Unity 3D.

Of course! Just write us a message and we will find the best solution for your needs!

We could, but we love reproducing as many details as possible. That would take too much time for a whole funfair with more that one ride. We prefer "standalones". ;-)

We are dreaming about it for years. Be prepared!

Our games are developed for Windows only.

Because we do not have many test systems, we offer you a demo version with an integrated performance test to let you check the playability. Seems fair, doesn't it?

Just scroll up a bit to our "Downloads" section an purchase your license.

We are selling our simulations via our reseller "Share-It". You can find all payment methods in the ordering process.

After your purchase is completed, "Share-It" will provide you the download link. Otherwise, you can download the free demo from our website and type in your license key there. It is exactly the same version.

Your license key is sent via mail. Just look in your mailbox. ;-)

Please check for any kind of typos. The letter "O" is frequently confused with the digit "0". To avoid any typos, just copy and paste the license key into the input fields. If none of this works, please contact us.

Sometimes, computer's security settings are too strict. Try too deactivate your firewall and your antivirus-software for the activating. Afterwards, you can switch it on again.

You can install the Inversion simulation on up to 3 of your systems.

Of course. You can use your license key to reactivate the game.

In version 1.0.6 we included the activation on more than one system. Please download the installer (demo version) from our website, to get the latest build. Now you can enter your license key and continue playing. :-)

Please send us a message with your invoice attached.

Check out our "Downloads" section where every features is listed. In general, the demo used to be a performance test.

You can find a detailed manual in the installation directory of the game. If you cannot find it, right-click on the icon to open the file path.

For actually playing the game, you need the full version.

Just download the demo version again which is always the latest build. The demo will automatically activate the full version when starting the game. Otherwise, you can use the Patcher in the installation directory for a quick update.

Please take a look at the manual in the installation directory.

Currently, no weather options are available. For future projects, this is already implemented.

Currently, this is not possible. But we have plans for the future.

You can play around with the graphical settings in game. We suggest to deactivate the glow effect, shadows and the CCTV cam. Moreover, you can reduce the screen resolution to improve the performance.

In most cases, a reinstallation solves the problem. Otherwise, send us a message.